This is the running stream of info regarding our gym and the coronavirus situation. Please check back for our most up-to-date announcements.

Wednesday, April 1

Well what a few crazy weeks it has been! Who could have predicted any of this back on March 1st? Thanks for taking this ride with us.  We don’t know exactly what the future will bring, or when it will bring it. But you know what? THATS OK.

Part of what I LOVE about CrossFit is the representation of life that it is. We all know that working out is possible from home. It may be harder, or not nearly as fun, but its POSSIBLE. There isn’t anything particularly magical about our whiteboarded. purple-&-green striped walls. What makes our gym unique in all the world are the people, not the kettlebells or barbells. Every gym has rowers and a rig. What makes our gym special are the relationships that are forged in working out alongside one another. 

THATS why Rocky and I own a gym. 

We own a gym because we’ve seen how these spaces are precious. How having somewhere to be (where people know your name) is a healing balm. How we work harder and better in groups. How you can keep moving when you have support and encouragement from those at your side. How being able to do hard things in the gyms prepares us for doing hard things in life. THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN TRAINING FOR. It’s ok that it’s hard. But you CAN do sucky and challenging things. I’ve seen each and every one of you rise to the occasion time and time again. Pushing those last few burpees. Throwing up the wallball one more time. Fighting to complete those last couple calories. 

You may have seen the fundraiser (Support Your Box) that CrossFit HeadQuarters has started. It’s a minimal equipment, 3 week long, online-only competition. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the chance to get to compete, at least virtually. Knowing that the entire world has been affected in some way or another, the registration fee is $0. But if you DO want to donate, every dollar will come directly to VCCF (or whatever box you chose at registration). 

We have received tremendous support from you all and we want to acknowledge you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your monthly dues are going to pay our bills, and pay our coaches and make sure we have a place to return to when the situation allows. So know that we don’t need your donated money to keep our home away from home safe and waiting for us. WE WILL REOPEN. 

However, our community is only as strong as our weakest link. And we want to help take care of our own. So any donated registration money that comes through the Support Your Box, will go into a Hardship fund. We know that we are stronger together than we are separate and we want to be prepared to help in the future. Beyond the financial, if anyone needs (or knows someone that needs) some additional help, PLEASE let us know. A neighbor needs their yard mowed and they don’t have the capability to do it … groceries/medications need picked up … looking for a spare mattress since quarantine hit … anything that you (or someone you know) might need some assistance with, don’t hesitate to share. 

In the same way, if you have some extra time or resources or knowledge to share and you would be willing to be part of the “help team” when the situation arises, please let us know that as well. 

We love you all and look forward to being able to sweat and share space together in the future!

Thursday, March 19

Alright, its been a few days now! Everyone should have heard from their team captain and started to get the flow of communication running. We can’t wait to see what team names are going to come out of this adventure.

As we look to the future, we aren’t sure what going to come next, or when that next event will take place. But fear not! We have things being planned even now that will help us all stay connected, stay fit and navigate our new lives to the very best of our ability.

The next item on our agenda is unrolling our new Bingo Cards! Check our Facebook or Instagram to see the cards themselves. They contain a variety of physical challenges, mental health items, activities to involve your At Home buddies in, and so on.

We will have some raffle prizes for available, once we can all get together again. Tickets can be won by completing a BINGO, bonus tickets for completing a card, and extra for a whole team completing the whole card. The first deadline will be the end of March (approximately a month in quarantine time). So take those pictures, tag us in those posts, complete those activities, and share how you are checking off each square!

Monday, March 16 – 3:30 pm

Per directive from the governor, and for the health of the greater community we all love, we are now closed. Effective immediately. We WILL be open Monday from 5p – 6p and Tuesday from 8a – 9a, to pick up your shoes and personal items. We hope you will find a way to use them during our hiatus.

You will also have the opportunity to check out a piece of equipment for home use. Due to limited numbers, 1 DB or 1 KB will be available, weights are first come first served. We’d recommend choosing a moderate, for you, weight that you can handle. There is a TON of fun things coming down the pipe and being able to have a weight at home would really help you enjoy our At Home workouts to the fullest (for more about At Home workouts see the post below)! We’d also recommend grabbing your jump rope or getting a new one and have it cut for you at the gym.

In addition, every athlete is going to be assigned a member of our coaching team (you will hear from your assigned coach by Wednesday March 18th). Your coach will be your primary contact point with VCCF and your team leader. We are not just willing and able, we are excited for the opportunity to continue to support your fitness and wellness as long as we’re training outside the box. We have fun and social-distancing-appropriate activities coming up for you all to enjoy!

Our #1 Value is still “Raising the Bar”, where we aim to have our work in the gym improve our lives OUTside the gym. That is not changing. Now we get the opportunity to demonstrate a number of those skills we’ve been working on. Our mental toughness, our community spirit, using physical movement to help mange stress/anxiety, working as a group for the greater good, simply working hard … all of these traits that make Violet Community special are able to be displayed!

Monday, March 16 – 11 am

Working Out At Home!

Whether you choose to stay home out of an abundance of caution or whether you’re forced to due to outside circumstances, it’s useful to know how to get in some good movement without leaving the house.

We will have an at-home track on Beyond the Whiteboard available for all VCCF athletes beginning Monday, March 16. Workouts will be approximately 30 minutes, and most will be either bodyweight movements or movements with objects you can find around the house.

If you have never had to switch Tracks in Beyond the Whiteboard, here is what it looks like:

On the desired day, from the homepage, hit the 3 dots on the far right side
You will see all available tracks listed. Select “At Home”.
You should now see the At Home workout of the day, along with any notes.

Some other ideas? Take a page out of the Nerd Fitness book and try “micro workouts.”

These can look like:

  • Commit to 10 push-ups on the hour, every hour
  • Putting a pull-up bar in a doorway and doing one pull-up each time you walk through
  • See if you can hollow hold or plank an entire song
  • Do 20 air squats each time a new Netflix episode comes on
  • And, for the adventurous, the floor is lava! 

Other great resources for at-home workouts:

You can also go back and do any of the VCCF workouts you may have missed in the last few weeks! If any have a weighted component, get creative.

Did you know:

  • A gallon of milk weighs ~8.5# and has a convenient handle
  • You can use bags of dog food like sandbags
  • Kids love being tossed around and come in many sizes and weights
  • If you fill a Home Depot bucket with water, you’ve got 41.7# to deadlift and carry

But Coach, I really just want some legit equipment. I’ll spend a few bucks.

Cool! Check out:

  • This cheap, multi-use doorway pull-up bar
  • Facebook Marketplace for lots of used dumbbells and kettlebells
  • VCCF – get your own, cut-to-size jump rope for $5!
  • Play It Again Sports for other used equipment (sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!)

This is also a great time to work on some goals that may otherwise seem mundane or tedious. Grab stool or box and practice squatting to depth. Do this in front of a mirror to make sure (goal would be hip crease below the knee). You also likely have a blank wall in the house (maybe outside is best for this one) – try some handstand kick-ups!

Fun fact: When some of your coaching staff started CrossFit, kicking up against a fence every day is how they practiced getting upside-down. First strict pull-up? Also happened at home after doing pull-up negatives on a doorway pull-up bar in the bathroom every night while the kids bathed.

For those nursing an injury or mobility issue: Keep this up! While we offer them in the gym, a lacrosse ball and foam roller are great things to have at the house as well.

Keep an eye out for text messages, emails and social media posts from your coaches on opportunities to get outside the next few weeks. This is a great way to maintain social distancing while also getting some movement in and the fresh air we all need. We are blessed in Pickerington to have disc golf courses, hiking areas and parks nearby. If you have ideas or would like to try something in particular, please reach out! We’re in this together.

Friday, March 13

Alright everyone! We just wanted to let you all know what we are thinking and planning for the future. Coronavirus isn’t going away next week so we are going to create a new normal, for the time being at least. Please note we are not living in fear; but still think that caution is the best strategy right now. We will be doing everything in our power to remain a virus-free space for as long as the government allows. We would rather over-prepare then under. With that in mind, a few things we’d like you all to remember.

  1. Practicing healthy habits is extremely important at any time, but especially now. Keep drinking lots of water, get good sleep, keep washing dem hands, eat quality (nutrition dense) food, avoid touching your face and keeping your mind occupied with positive and uplifting things. Especially comic strips.
  2. If you feel sick, or just “not right”, please do not come in! We are in this for the long haul. Missing a few days in March isn’t going to make you a worse athlete, but if you are sick it makes you a better person. We want you all, and all your people, to be healthy long after 2020 has gone. 

We firmly believe that having a safe place to release stress and deal with anxiety and maintain the health that we have is very important. Some things that we will be implementing to keep us all safe and healthy:

  1. Social Distancing: Just because you don’t “feel” sick doesn’t mean you can’t carry germs. So we are going to use our available space and spread out. That will mean a floor mats worth of space, or more, between you and the next person. We will use both sides often.
  2. Doors open as much as possible and movements outside whenever we can. Obviously rain and cold will dictate that, but the less we are in enclosed spaces the better. And that doesn’t just mean more running. 😉
  3. Y’all have been doing a stellar job at keeping things clean for the next class and we appreciate it! That will continue. One note: please be mindful of resources. For example, no one needs 3 wipes to clean off one set of dumbbells. We have all seen the stores, lots of cleaning supplies are scarce. We are going to do our part for the greater good.
  4. Continue to avoid physical contact with one another. Foot fives, air high fives, long distance fist bumps are all approved. Maybe its time to bring back the dab?
  5. We are eliminating the chalk buckets, since we can’t clean chalk! There are ziploc baggies with a decent sized piece of chalk. Those who want chalk can just grab a bag, put their name on it and keep on working out.
  6. Tape from the pull up bars and rings are also gone for the moment. We can’t disinfect the tape either and would rather be safe than sorry. Yes that might mean you can’t hold on as long, or that you’ll be eyeing someone else’s grips. Might not be a bad time to give some a try. 😉
  7. For those of you who aren’t feeling the best, or would prefer to not take the risk to go out in public (totally understandable), we will have “at home” wods loaded into BTWB starting on Monday March 16th. Minimal or no equipment required. Just some space and a timer of some sort. Still can track those workouts and challenge someone else to beat your score. Virtual thumbs up for the win!
  8. Future class time changes are in discussion; depending on the needs of the community, class size limitations and coach availability. So stay tuned for that excitement!

We love our community and this situation doesn’t change that. Please reach out to any coach with any questions or if you’d just like to chat about this. Or chat about anything actually. You are our people and we appreciate y’all.

Tuesday, March 10

Given that we have our first confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ohio (and that OSU has cancelled in-person instruction), we are going to exercise caution as well.
1. DO NOT COME TO THE GYM SICK. Or “kinda icky.” If you have any symptoms of illness, stay home. Same for your kids.
2. WASH YOUR HANDS. First thing, when you come in, please wash your hands with soap and water. Dry them with a paper towel. (There’s lotion in the bathroom to help avoid dry, cracking skin, which is it’s own risk factor.)
3. We’re moving to paper towels for all things. We’ll go back to our towel service as soon as we can, but for now, single-use paper towels are the best choice.
4. PLEASE WIPE DOWN YOUR EQUIPMENT AFTER USE. Your staff does a pretty good job of cleaning bathrooms / doorknobs / handles / light switches / pvc pipes / the floor and so on on a regular basis but we ask that you wipe down your barbells / KB / WBs / slambballs / etc after you use them. You enjoy using clean equipment and everyone else does too.
5. NO MORE FIST BUMPS and HANDSHAKES. Just don’t touch each other for a while.
6. NO SIGNING IN ON THE IPAD. Owners will take care of that at the end of the day.
7. NO ONE IS COMING TO THE GYM SICK. Including coaches. If we can’t get coverage for a sick coach, we’ll have to cancel class, and there will be notices of such.

As of right now we’re not planning on closing or anything. Just think its smart to be aware and prevent where we can. We firmly believe that all our work in the gym does a great job of building strong immune systems and prepares our bodies to fight illness. But we can still be a carrier to germs and then pass them to loved ones (especially the older generation) who’s bodies aren’t as prepared to fight anything off. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you have ideas / concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.