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Confessions From an Owner, Part 2

For so many in the CrossFit world, The Open an exciting time. Showcases! Castro’s Clues! Leaderboards! The anticipation of each workout is like the night before Christmas!
For an owner, it can be less so.

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Tempo 2020

There are as many combinations of tempo as there are coaches, and part of the brilliance of tempo work is that it can be done with nearly any movement. Any movement worth doing in the the gym (or garage or basement or living room) is worth doing well and tempo is a fantastic way to practice that.

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Because Life Matters

All gyms are NOT created equal. Differences in space and equipment aside, they have different personalities and goals. We wanted to give you a chance to find out a little bit about us. Violet Community has 3 core values through which we filter all our activity.

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Athletic Shoe Drive

Helping others. It’s a vital part of the human experience and one that we are blessed to participate in, at least a few times a year. This holiday season, we are looking to make a difference in a number of ways. We are collecting new and gently used, athletic shoes. Think sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, walking shoes, running shoes….

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Beyond (perceived) limits

By Eric Bookman I just started CrossFit a few months ago, why would I even consider the Open?  I’m not striving to be a “super athlete”. These were my initial reactions to participating in the Open.  Ultimately, I succumbed to peer pressure as everyone in the box continued to tell me how great it was and how I should…

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I Didn’t Want To

By Todd Stanley I didn’t want to do it. I was determined not to let anyone talk me into competing in the CrossFit Open. I can remember the year before, there were all sorts of announcements of what was to come and people who were participating were always talking about it. I didn’t sound like fun to me. My…

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